Lab Members

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Angela Phillips
Principal Investigator

A Florida native, Angela studied chemistry at the University of Florida before shipping up to Boston for graduate school at MIT. During her Ph.D. with Matt Shoulders, Angela revealed that host cell protein folding factors can influence the evolution of viral proteins. This experience sparked Angela’s interest in evolutionary biology, so she moved down the street to Michael Desai’s lab at Harvard, where she developed yeast display methods to map evolutionary landscapes of broadly neutralizing antibodies. At UCSF, Angela is investigating the molecular mechanisms that constrain protein evolution at the host-virus interface. Outside the lab, Angela enjoys running, exploring pizzerias, and sipping good wine.

Photo credit: Scott Eisen/Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Ruimin Huang
Junior Specialist

Ruimin was born and raised in China. She completed her Bachelor’s in Biochemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles. Throughout her studies, she has developed a great interest in protein functions and evolution. Outside the lab, Ruimin enjoys watching Chinese TV dramas, hanging out with friends, and traveling.